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Ruth D. Timmons, LCSW
Counseling in Cedar Park, Texas
Ruth D. Timmons, LCSW
930 South Bell Blvd.  Suite 301
Cedar Park, Texas   78613
(512) 626-7362
Offers audio programs utilizing
brainwave meditation for a variety of
self-help topics.  You will need stereo
headphones to listen to some of
these CDs
2 free downloads by signing up with  
your e-mail address.
A wide range of  audio programs for a
variety of self-help topics.  Some can
be used while driving or walking.  
Free MP3 download - 10 minute
relaxation break by signing up with
your e-mail address.
Great resource for guided imagery   
CDs and other helpful resources for
body, mind, and spirit.  
Free 15 minute guided meditation
download on relieving stress if you
sign up for free e-newsletter.
A great website with lots of
information, including psychology
basics, get help section, diagnosis
dictionary, and tests to take online.    
If you need to find a therapist, they
have a comprehensive listing of
therapists in the United States.
Whole Health Chicago is a center for
integrative medicine in Chicago.  They
have a great website with an
extensive library of articles on health
concerns, alternative therapies, and
nutritional supplements.  Dr. David
Edelberg's health tip newsletter is
Health and Wellness
Starting a Small Business
SCORE is a wonderful resource for
people wanting help in starting their
own small business.  They are a
resource partner with the U.S. Small
Business Administration.  
SCORE provides free online and  
face-to-face business counseling,
mentoring, and training.
Career Planning
The official website for Dick Bolles,
the author of  What Color is Your
Parachute: A Practical Manual for Job-
Hunters and Career-Changers.
This website includes lots of good
information; including career
counseling/testing/advice, job
hunting, resumes, and more.
Occupational Outlook Handbook on
the United States Department of
Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics
website.  A useful guide on hundreds
of occupations, including median pay,
number of new jobs projected, and
education needed.
The website for The Family Caregiver
Alliance: National Center on
Caregiving, providing caregiving
information, advice, and more.
Excellent resources, including Family
Care Navigator, a free online guide for
locating caregiver support programs.
The official website of Russell A.
Barkley, Ph.D., an authority in ADHD.  
Lots of good information on his site,
especially the fact sheets.
Lots of good, practical information on
anxiety, including symptoms, types,
causes, and treatment.
The Sunbox Company offers a variety
of light boxes for seasonal
Their website offers light therapy
products, specialty lighting, and
books.  They also offer information,
including research on light therapy.
Chronic Pain and Illness
A great website for those with chronic
fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
The National Fibromyalgia
Association's website is full of helpful
information and resources.

Vitamin D Council
Important information on Vitamin D
and how a deficiency in Vitamin D
affects health and mental health.