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Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program
That Allows You to See and Heal the Six
Types of Attention Deficit Disorder
, by Daniel
G. Amen, M.D.
An excellent resource, Dr. Amen
breaks down ADHD into 6 categories,
explaining what parts of the brain are
affected and specific treatment for
each type.
Treatment includes dietary changes,
supplements, physical exercise,
pharmacological medications,
environmental changes, and behavior
modification suggestions.
Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos Into
, Gail Sheehy.
An excellent, comprehensive resource
for caregivers. The author combines
stories, including her own experiences
as a caregiver for her husband, a
thorough description of eight stages of
caregiving, research, and resources.
Career Planning
Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career
for You Through the Secrets of Personality
Type Revised and Updated Edition Featuring
E-Careers for the 21st Century
, Paul D. Tieger
and Barbara Barron-Tieger.  
This book focuses on personality type
in helping people to discover their
perfect career.

Finding Your Perfect Work: The New Career
Guide to Making a Living/Creating a Life
, Paul
and Sarah Edwards.  
This book is a great resource on career
They have written many other excellent  
books on career issues.

Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding
and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life,
Kevin and
Kay Marie Brennfleck.
A useful book written by two career
counselors from a Christian
Six assessments include: skills, core
work values, preferred roles,
personality type, compelling interests,
and spiritual gifts.

What Color is Your Parachute: A Practical
Manual for Job-Hunting and Career-Changers
2011 Edition
, Richard Nelson Bolles.  
This is the job-hunters and career-
changers' bible.  It is updated annually
so the information is current.
Health and Wellness
The Mood Cure: The 4 Step Program to Take
Charge of your Emotions Today
by Julia
Ross, M.A.
Help for depression, anxiety,
irritability, stress, emotional eating,
and more.
Individualized Mood Type
Questionnaire helps to determine
what brain chemicals you might be
low in.
Includes suggestions for nutrition,
sleep, amino acids, and other
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love
That Lasts
by Gary Chapman
One of a series, this book is for
couples looking to improve their
relationship by learning and using
each others' love language.
Five love languages include words of
affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of
service, and physical touch.
Its a bestseller for a reason - it's got
great advice and it's easy to

Making Marriage a Success: Pearls of
Wisdom from Experts Across the Nation
Jaleh Donaldson.
I contributed a pearl to this book.  
Based on online reviews, it sounds
like a great resource.
Self Help
The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund
J. Bourne, Ph.D.
A comprehensive, practical self-help
workbook on anxiety, including a great
chapter on health conditions that may
contribute to anxiety.

Change Your Brain Change Your Life, Daniel
G. Amen, M.D.
Explains how depression, anxiety,
obsessiveness, anger, and
impulsiveness could be related to
how specific structures in the brain
Describes how each part of the brain
works and most importantly, gives
practical suggestions for overcoming
problems related to these issues.

The Chemistry of Joy, Henry Emmons, M.D.
Three step program for overcoming
depression through western science
and eastern wisdom.
Practical help, including specific diet
and exercise, for three types of
depression; anxious depression,
agitated depression, and sluggish

Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to
Change Your Life
, Bill O'Hanlon.
A good book by one of the developers
of solution-oriented therapy.  
Practical help in breaking old
patterns, finding and using solutions,
and shifting your attention.  

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Susan
Jeffers, PhD.
Good, practical techniques to           
overcome fear and indecision.
The whole life grid in the "How Whole
is Your Whole Life" chapter is a useful
tool for planning what you want your
life to look like when you don't know
where to start.
The chapter, "Filling The Inner Void",  
is useful in learning how the
subconscious mind can sabotage
desires and gives useful tools to help
with this.  
Chronic Pain and Illness
Healing Fibromyalgia: Why Everything Hurts
and How to Feel Well Again
by David Edelberg,
A wonderful resource from an M.D. who
really understands fibromyalgia.

The Triple Whammy Cure by David Edelberg,
Another great resource for women who
suffer from the triple whammy of
stress, low levels of serotonin, and
imbalances in female hormones which
results in sleep problems, lack of
energy, forgetfulness, depression, and
other symptoms.