Overcoming Procrastination

If you’re interested in answering the question “How do I overcome my procrastination?”, here are some questions to ask yourself first.

  1. In what areas of my life do I procrastinate (work, home, school, personal, other)?
  2. What tasks do I tend to put off (paperwork, doing taxes, making phone calls, making decisions, other)?
  3. Why do I procrastinate (difficulty in focusing, feeling overwhelmed, avoiding an unpleasant task, other)?
  4. Are there particular times when I procrastinate (starting or finishing a project, certain times of the year, other)?
  5. What activities do I distract myself with when I’m procrastinating (checking e-mail, watching TV, other)?
  6. Are there any solutions that have worked for me in overcoming procrastination?

Although there are lots of sources for tips for overcoming procrastination, I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.  Asking yourself these questions and answering them will give you a good place to start.  Then be creative.  For example, I’ve often heard that to overcome procrastination, one should tackle a difficult project first.  The opposite works for me.  I like to start with something easy to accomplish.  I don’t resist an easy project and once I’m in the flow of work, it’s easier to move on to a more challenging project.

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, so try some new ways of overcoming your procrastination and see what works for you.

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